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This website is intended to introduce nature's truly divine bounty in the form of healing medicinal plants and plentiful wild foods. As a Medical Herbalist, Jesper treats a wide array of people with an equally wide array of medical problems using herbal remedies, aiming to restore inherent vitality and vibrancy which is compromised in illness. Herbs are an ideal tool for helping to bring us back into a state of equilibrium or balance given their ability to nourish and protect, revitalize and heal. Outside of his clinics, Jesper shares his passion for herbs and their healing potential via talks and courses on Herbal Medicine, and by engaging the plants in the wild on Herb Identification walks.

Jesper's passion for Herbal Medicine is equally matched when it comes to wild food. He has been collecting and eating wild mushroms for over 25 years and has a great interest in the food potential of Britain's field, hedgerows and woodlands. Jesper leads increasingly popular wild food forays through the year with special emphasis placed upon Wild Mushroom hunts in autumn, where participants learn not only how to positively identify good edible mushroom species, but also how to prepare some of the handful of medicinal mushrooms native to the UK, and even sample some of the days finds at the end.

For more infomation about both Herbal Medicine and Wild Food please check the relevant sections on this website.

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