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The pursuit of wild mushrooms makes for some of the most exciting and enjoyable of wild food hunting, and the rewards at the end can be truly delicious. Since there are very real risks of poisoning, correct identification is absolutely essential. Attending a mushroom foray is a great way to find out about the vast array of mushroom species found in this country. They are a helpful way of determining the key identification features of both edible and poisonous species.

Mushrooms and fungi come in a startling array of shapes and colours, bringing a dash of colour to our woodlands and meadows in autumn, when they are at their most abundant. A fungi foray is both fun and educational, making for an enjoyable experience for all the family.

Jesper Launder started identifying and eating wild mushrooms over 25 years ago and now leads numerous Fungi Forays and Edible Mushroom Hunts throughout the autumn. At the end of most walks the edible finds are cooked up for a delicious gourmet treat!

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